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Why choose Mache for your event?


Mache is not like other catering companies that you’ve heard about. We don’t have kitchens, chefs, and ovens, and this is precisely what makes us special. A city like Montreal is blessed with countless talented chefs and passionate producers who make delicious food.


Montreal’s food scene is one of the best and most diverse in the world, which is why we have partnered with dozens of companies, from popular salad chains to small, family-owned bakeries, working hand in hand with them to serve their products to your guests. This allows us to focus on providing the best service and customer support to make your guests happy and your life as an event planner easier. Get in touch and let us help you!



Make the most of Montreal’s diverse food culture by trying something new every time. Asian, Mexican, European, you name it.



Mache sets up individual stations at your event representing each restaurant. This interactive experience allows your guests to eat from their favorite restaurants and discover new gems.



We only select the best elements from each restaurant and combine them to make the best possible meal. Don’t settle for less.

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