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we care about food. we care about the environment. WE CARE ABOUT TEAMWORK. we care about you.

Mache’s story begins 9 years ago in one of the most polluted cities worldwide, Shanghai. Adrien and Gaultier witness the dreadful consequences that human consumption has on the environment. When the pair leaves the country with their families a few years later, one thing is clear in their minds: it has become urgent to act and stop climate change.


Fast-forward to 2018 and the two friends graduate from McGill’s Desautel’s Faculty of Management. They have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, but also about how industries, especially food, contribute to climate change. Very quickly they decide to join forces behind one common goal: to make Montreal events more sustainable. Mache is launched with a mission to provide food that not only tastes great, but also has a significantly smaller environmental impact than traditional catering companies.


To do so, the company selects restaurants that use local and organic ingredients, while also encouraging vegetarian and vegan meals whenever possible. Mache also works with suppliers to reduce packaging and eliminating single-use plastic, and puts in extra time and money to provide zero-waste solutions for everything that comes with the food.


A few months later, thousands of meals have been served through dozens of events, and the environmental benefits are huge. More than ever, Mache is committed to doing everything to break old, harmful habits and replace them with new, more sustainable solutions at each step of the supply chain.




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